Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Your Eyes

A person’s eyes are said to be
The windows to their soul
The emotions we see mirrored there
Whether they be bright or dark and cold
Your eyes are the very first thing
That attracted me to you
And those same eyes follow me
In my head and my heart too
I think of you day and night
Wondering where you are
And think of the distance between our hearts
So close and yet so far
Will you be the one God made for me
My gift from Heaven above
And will you eyes one day soon
Look at me with love
I want to know you so much more
To be your everything
To feel the warmth and happiness
One look from you can bring
I’ve waited a lifetime to meet you
And yet I wait again
Until the day you look at me
As your destiny and not just your friend

Written april 2007

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