Saturday, March 19, 2011


Taking nothing for granted
Here we fall at your feet
All we have we give to you
Not withholding anything
King of all Kings
Saving all from sin
Giver of Life
Indwelling in men
Victory is ours
In the blood of the Son
Now lifting our voices
Glory to God, the most holy one.



When God looks at the tapestry of your life, He doesn't see all the times your thread broke or you missed a stitch or your thread got knotted up. He just sees the entire beautiful picture and He loves what He sees - - -His precious child.

Written for Russ 11-28-2010

Prayer for a Friend

Lord I need a miracle
I need you to walk in
I take this awful situation
And place it in your hands
I know that there is nothing
I can accomplish on my own
Thus humbly I approach You
Falling prostrate at Your throne
Take this mess of my own making
Use it to help reach others
To bring men to your Son
In my weakness I claim your strength
In my failure your victory
God, I need a miracle
Lord, please rescue me.


My Prayer

May the thoughts I have and the words I say
Ever bring praise to God
Let the places I go and things I do
Invite others to seek out you
Someday as I bow before your throne
Singnig eternal songs of adoration to you
All I want to hear God say is
Well done, my child, welcome home.


I Pray for You

At any moment of any day
No matter where I may be
Your face & name will cross my mind
And it sends me to my knees
Most times I know not how or why
You find yourself in need
All I know that prayer for you
Is what God requires of me.


for Russ


an eerie haze mists the earth
as fog settles on the land
a mirror to the same gray fog
that settles in my head
a fog of uncertainty
of what the future holds
what I need most now
is a sense a peace within my soul
LORD please hear me now
may your answers come
please burn away this fog in me
with the glory of your SON.


I was inspired to write this today while looking out the window at an incredibly foggy morning.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


This is a scrapblog that I did some time ago. I wrote the poem as I was creating the scrapblog. It is just too special to me to just share the poem ~ ~ ~ I had to share the pages too. Keep scrolling I will put the poem under each picture.
They fall unbidden down my face
These tears I cry for you
Finally I have found THE ONE
My heart's search is finally through
I could only dare to believe
I willed my self to think
That there really was someone out there
Whose dreams I would complete
I hold my breath as I patiently wait
for the long anticipated day
When as man and wife we spread our wings
and together fly away
Down my cheek these happy tears
Falling from the deepest part of me
Show to all who look upon my face
There's no place I'd rather be.