Monday, December 7, 2009

Personal Prayer

Lord, what do you see when you look at me?
Am I really being all You want me to be?
Do I give You the time I really should?
Am I ministering to every person I could?
Or do I let the world come crashing in?
And do I get consumed with the ways of me?
As I travel down the road of life
Through this world filled with trouble and strife
I want to be led by Your nail pierced hands
To boldly proclaim Your name and take a stand
I hope to be known as a child of the King
For people to cling to the message I bring
And then one day when my life is through
I'll forever live in Heaven with You!

A New Day

Darkness bathes the sleeping land
All is still withing the night
You lie enveloped in the land of dreams
Not one thought of daily life

Suddenly a light breaks thru
The sky is a glorious sight
Blue, orange, pink and white
A new day dawns for you

A new day is a brand new chance
To be as salt and light
To bear your cross and go forth
As a messenger of Christ

What will you do with this gift you've been given
This gift to go and serve?
Will you go to seek those lost in sin
With the message of His word?

Darkness creeps across the land
Bringing this day to an end
You pray thanking God for all He's done
Then sleep 'til it's a new day once again.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Getting to know you

These are the lyrics to one of my favorite Rodgers & Hammerstein songs...they kinda speak how I feel at this moment and all that is on my heart and mind...

Getting to know you,
Getting to know all about you.
Getting to like you,
Getting to hope you like me.
Getting to know you,
putting it my way,
But nicely,
You are precisely,
My cup of tea.

Getting to know you,
Getting to feel free and easy.
When I am with you,
Getting to know what to say
Haven't you noticed
Suddenly I'm bright and breezy
Because of all the beautiful and new
Things I'm learning about you
Day by day.

Crossing the Line

In all relationships whether they be with family, friends, significant others, companions, people from work, church, acquaintances, whatever there are lines drawn. Sometimes these lines are out there and everyone knows them. Sometimes they are stated and other times they are just understood. Some of lines have been drawn in a very overt manner like the line a boy draws in the sand on the playground daring his companion to cross it. Just as the lines are not always visible to us the point at which we cross them is also not always visible. A few days ago I feel like I crossed a line with someone and it was very unintentional. And now I feel just horrible about it. I always seem to mess things up and I am afraid yet once again I have done just that. So if I have crossed that line please let me know and please forgive me. I may just be a silly girl reacting to nothing but I really feel like I have messed up somehow. I feel like there is a connection and would like to explore it and see where it goes. I would like to get to know you better and would like for you to get to know me. Since I met you I have felt God moving in my life in ways I have never felt before and it's like all my prayers have been answered. I pray for you and I pray for your future.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Your Eve

I'll be the Eve to your Adam
The one by your side
The one to support you
For the rest of your life

I'll be the one in your corner
Cheering your victories
The one there to hold you
When it's comfort you need

We both have had sadness
and failure in the past
but together we can move on
with a love that can last

God brought us together
Made our paths to cross
He is making something special
Where once there was loss

From this moment forward
Until the end of time
I'll be the true love of your life
And honey you'll be mine!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Praying for you

Your heart is torn apart
From this pain you're going through
I wish that I could be there
And ease the pain for you
I long to be there by your side
To help ease the pain away
To hold your hand and dry your tears
To help you make it thru the day
But I am stuck so far away
I don't even know if you know I care
The only thing that I can do
Is support you with my prayers
Do you how I truly feel?
Do you know that I would like to explore
The possibility that our friendship
Could become so much more
I wait on God and and long for hope
and like Gideon lay out a fleece
With prayers God will talke away your pain
And bring answers with sweet peace.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Precious Child -Ode to My Granny, Ollie Dona Ray Sizemore

O, precious child of mine
the one I held so dear
I've kept you in my arms
with love I've calmed your fears

I watched you as a child
As a mother and a wife
I never left your side
through the dark times in your life

Now you face the time
When life on earth will end
You will come here to the gates
I'll say "My Child Welcome In!"

Don't worry about the ones
Left on earth to live
The strength you possessed
In them will never end

The separation from those you love
will be but for a while
Then if like you they accepted my Grace
We'll welcome them home as our precious child

I wrote this on the Wednesday before my Granny Sizemore passed on friday in Feb 2008.

Waiting on You

I wake up each morning
A list of things to do
But it's all just to fill a day
A day spent waiting for you

Waiting for the distant day
The day you walk into my life
Waiting for our life to begin
With you as my husband, me as your wife

I look at you and desperately want
to know you through and through
to know the very reasons why
You say what you say and do what you do

So for now I know to be content
To love you from afar
I know not to be frustrated
By just seeing you, just being where you are

I've taken the love I have for you
And placed in in God's hands
I need to wait on His timing
Waiting as patiently as I can

So, now I can only in prayer and love
Sit and wait for you
Wait for the time you will declare
That you've waited for me, too.


The sun rises and then it sets
As another day passes by
while we carry on with living
Somethings missing from our lives
the laughter of a wee, small child
As he discovers something new
The joy expressed upon his face
The joy that, Trenton, is you
We only have to cling to hope
And lift our prayers in faith
that you are safe and sound this night
and will be back home one day
Never fear sweet little boy
You are always in God's care
And while you are not here at home
He is watching over you there
So, dear Lord, we pray to You
Please bring this precious child home
Guide the law enforcement officers
As they seek to bring Trenton back to us.

Where Are You?

Where on earthm are you now
My lover, mate and friend
I sit tonight and think of you
Praying for you yet again
I wonder when the day will come
When we'll finally meet
When in His timing God will choose
To reveal your name to me
Sometimes I get impatient
Looking at each man I see
Instantly my heart cries out
Is that him O Lord
The one You made for me?
I hunger for the coming day
When I become your wife
When we stand before God above
And began our brand new life
Where on earth are you now
When will our paths be crossed
May the day come quick that we meet
And not another second together be lost.

Well Done, Welcome Home

At the end of this life
When we stand before His throne
The words we all long to hear are
"Well done, welcome Home!"

Well done, my precious child
For all you have done
The times you gave all you had
Spreading the message of my love

You answered My call upon your heart
Surrendered to Me your life
Then you went out in My Son's name
Bringing into darkness My Grace and Light

Sure you had some days
When you felt the battle was lost
You didn't know if you could go on
If you could pay the cost

It was on those days I brought to mind
Someone I had you to reach
Some soul that is bound for glory now
Because of the message you had to bring

Remember my child upon those days
When things aren't going right
When your body aches and you can't go on
Healing is in your sights

I'm busy preparing a place for you
To live eternally
Where you will struggle not one more time
As you worship at my feet

One day our lives will be over
Our earthly bodies gone
We'll walk through gates made of pearl
And hear "Well done! Welcome Home!"

Written in tribute to Dewayne and Sue Murrell - who although Dewayne has been in extremely bad health for 10+ years still faithfully serve God as part of the ministry team at FBC Polk City, FL.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lady In Waiting

All of God's creation on earth and sky and sea
Are marvelously made and most wonderful indeed
But there is one creation that stands out for all to see
She's the lady of God - a lady who is in waiting
She goes about her day
With a kind and gentle spirit
Her hands and mind are never idle
She's about God's work minute by minute
You can find her aptly described
In God's most Holy Book
For Proverbs chapter 31
We find what she should do
The lady is above all things
A daughter of the King
The day she joined the Bride of Christ
Is when she became a lady in waiting
Waiting for her Prince Of Peace
To come and take her away
To live with Him in Heaven
For that eternal day.

The Dimming of Two Stars

In the twinkling of an eye
Their life as they knew it had changed
Even though their life would go on
Nothing would ever be the same

Two bright and shining stars will not
Shine on this earth anymore
Those bright, shining stars now sparkle
As they enter thru Heaven's door

We will never know what they would have become
Had they lived another day
Yet also know if they were spared
Many heartaches and pain

Parents count your blessings
As you kiss your child good-night
Never let them go without knowing
The love you have for them inside

For we never know when we leave our home
If we'll make it back safe and sound
We only know if we trust in God
Only in Him is safety found

If their parents had only known
It would be their very last day
What would they have done differently
What would they have had to say

In the twinkling of an eye
When your life is thru
I pray the words you all may hear are
Welcome Home Child, I've been waiting for you

Dedicated to the memory of the Burbank children killed on I-4 near Polk City, FL Saturday August 5, 2006

Once Second Later

How many times in life
Do we find ourselves thankful
That we came along
Just one second later

A tragedy or catastrophe occurs
Where many lives are lost
Yet we are spared by coming along
Just one second later

Do we take for granted
The angels who our path delayed
So we could be spared to live on earth
If only for one more day

Yet every Sunday morning
In the churches of our world
People make a choice to not go forward
Waiting just one second more

Please my friend do not be
Like those who procrastinate
Accept the gift in Jesus Christ
Before it is too late

For one day a trumpet will sound
The skies will split wide open
Jesus will come back to earth
To take His Bride to Heaven

Then in that day if you've not asked
Jesus in your heart to reside
You'll find that you decided to wail
The saddest second of your life

I wrote this poem in August 2006. On Saturday 8/5/2006 a family was in an accident on I-4 near the Polk City exit. Two of their 3 children were killed in the accident. I had spent a few minutes talking to a friend in the parking lot after work. Had I not taken those seconds which are now so precious to me, I would more than likely have been involved in the accident.

Never Alone

Although I may be the only person in a room
I am never alone
While I sit in the silence with noone to talk to
I am never alone
What to some may seem to be a time of lonliness and boredom
To me is a time of reflection and prayer
What to some is an unending deafening silence
To me is unending adoration and praise
For you see when all my earthly friends walk out
God and his angels walk in
And when the noise of this world has been silence
It's God's still small voice I hear
It's in these times with noone around
I lift my heart and voice in song
Praise you Father for your gift of Jesus
For with Him I am never alone.

July 23, 2006

A Beginning Thru An Ending

Thru tear stained eyes they watch
As their precious loved on slips away
From life upon this sinful earth
To the blessed land of eternal day
It's hard for them to let go
Of this one they hold so dear
Although they know she's better off
They selfishly want them here
To humans death seems final
An ending not happy but sad
But this is only partially true
It depends upon the lifestyle you've had
If you've rejected the Son of God
And lived your life to please only self
You will live for all eternity
And ending that leads to Hell
But if you've accepted God's precious gift
Your heart can joyfully sing
For when you breathe your final breath
It's not the end - life for you is just beginning

June 4, 2006

Mother by Choice

There is a group in our churches
Who are overlooked each year
But they are still just as needed
As the mothers we hold dear

This group of women vary
In their age appearance and size
But they are seen as loved
When viewed thru a child's eyes

Perhaps they are a woman
Unable to bear a child to term
Or a single woman who
For a husband and children yearns

Although these women haven't
Been given children from above
They've become surrogate moms for your kids
Out of abundant love

Thru Sunday School and VBS
Children's choir and the nursery rocking chair
They mother the church's children
With the utmost love and care

VBS - Our Very Best Service

It's not just for kids
This VBS thing
For no matter your age
Joy it will bring

Our Very Best Service
To Jesus our King
Is commanded of us
In Galations 5:13

You may say you're too old
For Vacation Bible School
But age is not a factor
When God gives you the tools

Now is the time
To kneel down and pray
Lord, what part in our VBS
Would You have me to play?

For it's not just the fun and games
Or the little songs we sing
VBS is the Very Best Service
To our God we can bring

The Touch

Sometimes you can barely feel it
The touch from Heaven above
A stirring down deep inside you
A loving, gentle nudge

Other times you can't escape it
It's upon you both day and night
The hand of reproof upon your shoulder
Guiding from wrong towards right

This touch of God upon your life
Is a marvelous wonderful thing
It's there upon all God's children
Discipline, love and comfort to bring

It guides you to salvation
Gives comfort when you are sad
And the love you feel from this touch
Is the greatest you'll ever have

Can you feel His touch this day
Is His hand touching you
Accept His gift of salvation
Try and see all He will do

Carry Her Light

On December long ago
Was born an ordinary girl
Noone would've guessed this tiny child
Would one day change the world

As she grew she was known
By the pranks and tricks she played
But one day a change came forth
When her heart to Jesus she gave

The Lord placed upon her heart
A drawing need to go
To Tengchow, China as a missionary
His love for them to show

She gave all she had to those there
She gave her very life
What more perfect example of God's love
In a human could we ever find

Today we honor the memory
of Charlotte "Lottie" Diggs Moon
With a yearly offering to fund
What our foreign missionaries do

Lottie Moon lit her candle in
China all those years ago
Will you give this Christmas to light yours
Send your candle to go

Carry her light and her message of
God, His Son & His Love
Until the day when face to face
We'll meet Lottie in Heaven above

When I Saw You

I saw you as you went about your day
As you complete dall your many tasks
I saw you as you went to and fro
But did you see me I wanted to ask

I saw you as you took a stroll
Thru a garden of flowers kissed by dew
I marveled as I watched your face
That none of them were as beautiful as you

I watched you as you took some time
To talk to a little child
The gentle way you treated them
Made my heart with love to swell

I watched you as you sat alone
And watched the evening sky
So boldly painted by the seetting sun
Your face shone in its fading light

I watched you as I hung alone
Upon a wooden cross
I looked out thru the ages of time
Making sure your sould would not be lost

I watch you now from my Heavenly home
And wait by my Father's side
For the day when I shall hear Him say
My Son, go get your bride

I'll watch for you that glorious day
As I claim you as my Bride
I'll bring you back to the kingdom of God
And forever you'll be mine

Friday, May 22, 2009

Alicia You are loved

Alicia, You are Loved
Written for the 18th birthday of Alicia Lynn Stokes 10-23-06

So many years have passed us by
Numerous milestones have come and gone
While geographically we’ve been apart
In my heart you’ve always been at home

How many things I’ve had to miss
All the events that shaped you
To just turn back the hands of time
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do

The dolls, Barbies and tea parties we’ve missed
Seeing you as that sweet little girl
You playing dress up with movie star dreams
Watching you cheer for the world

Oh, how I wish I could go back
And hold you as a babe in my arms
Instead I had to be content to pray for you
As I could only hold you in my heart

I’m so very proud to call you my nieceI
love the young woman you’ve become
You are beautiful both inside and out
Your heart is filled with love

Wherever you go, whatever you do
Whenever you need a listening ear
Please rest assured you can call my name
For you I will always be here

No matter how many miles and years
Come between the two of us
Never forget how special you are
Always know you are loved.

A Job Well Done

Written in honor of Jenny Helms upon her retirement from ButterKrust Bakery 1-7-07

The notice has been given
The office sorted through
The years of service are over
There’s nothing left here to do

A cross roads has been reached
The way to go been chosen
A new journey to embark upon
A new life to be living

For years you’ve been known to many
By the job title that you’ve bore
Now you’ll be know to them
As friend and nothing more

May God guide you on this journey
May you always look to Him
Until the day He says to you“
Well done my child, welcome in!”

As you embark upon this journey
Know we’ll all miss working with you
Also know we wish you the best
In all you choose to do.

Easter poem

Early on Sunday morning,
the women approached the tomb.
They had a task a job to do though
their hearts were filled with gloom.
As they got closer to the tomb,
they knew somthing just wasn't right.
Mary was sad at the thought
Roman soldiers had moved Him in the night.
She quickly ran to the secret room
His disciples she must alert
Peter and John upon hearing the news
Hurried back to the tomb with her.
They didn't really understand
What they saw in the empty tomb
All they knew and now believed
His teachings had come true.
Early Easter morning
As we prepare to approach the throne
May we have a spring in our step
And in our hearts a jubilant song
Rejoice, O Earth! Give thanks to God.
Spread the awesome news!
Jesus was born, crucified and died
And then rose for me and you!


Let The Rains Come








written June 21, 2007 when a couple of friends and I were going thru some rough times...

Grandmother's Garden

A grandmother's garden
Is quite a special thing
For time spent among its flowers
Pleasure and joy will bring

By day she tends her garden
With the tenderest love and care
At night before she sleeps
Her garden is bathed in prayer

Ther are no unwanted weeds
In this garden dear
And its size always grows and grows
With every passing year

The plants within this garden
Will bloom for quite a while
For you see each precious plant
Is a very loved grandchild.

This was originally written on April 9, 2006 for a very dear friend, Virginia. I then printed it and gave it to my Granny Sizemore. I read the poem from her copy at her graveside service in February 2008.

What Kind of Love

What kind of love
Can cause an ordinary man
To give up his job and life
To minister in a foreign land

What kind of love
Will send a person under the knife
And give a part of themselves
To save another's life

What kind of love
Can open up two hearts
And lead those two to the altar
Where they vow never to part

What kind of love
Can stop a mother's flow of tears
When she's faced with the sad news
That her child's cry she'll never hear

What kind of love
Could make you send your only son
To die upon a rugged cross
To save souls of men to come

Only the love that comes from God
Can conquer anything
We can do the impossible
When our hearts to Him we bring

What kind of love is this you say
That stenghtens, calms and cheers
It's a love that will never die
Or fade throughout the years.

mbs 2006


I wrote this a few years ago for Pastor Appreciation:

The Pastor's job is.....
Proclaim the Word of the Lord for all to hear
Admonish sinners to repent and turn to God
Shepherd the flock God has placed in his care
Teach the saints to follow the Lord
Obey the commands of God
Revere the Lord in all he says and does.

MBS 10-5-03

Monday, January 12, 2009

friend quote

I found this quote on Scrapblog today and loved it so much I had to write it down...
A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I love these lyrics

The choir sang a song this morning that just really spoke to me...I was very happy to find it was by Darlene Zschech...the song is Jesus What a Beautiful Name and the lyrics are
Jesus, what a beautiful nameSon of God, Son of ManLamb that was slainJoy and place, strength and hopeGrace that blow all fear awayJesus, what a beautiful nameJesus, what a beautiful nameTruth revealed, my future sealedHealed my painLove and freedom, life and warmthGrace that blows all fear awayJesus, what a beautiful nameJesus, what a beautiful nameRescued my soul, my stromgholdLifts me from shameForgiveness, security, power and loveGrace that blows all fear awayJesus, what a beautiful name


I love going to church. Today has been so awesome in God speaking to me....1st I was watching Ed Young on tv while getting ready and he was speaking to singles on I Cor 7 the very same passage I was led to in my devotion time on Friday. Then the pastor spoke this morning on going from the mountain top to the valley and being used in ministry in the church and ministering to youth...the very thing Craig and I discussed on the phone. Ok so I guess all I need to do is say I'm listening...keep speaking....

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Sister Chick Friend

I thank the Lord above
for placing us in His plan
The events that brought us together
were ordained by His hand

You were one of those people
Who always left their mark
upon the lives of all you met
you were special in their hearts

Although we lost touch along the way
separated by time, miles and years
you were never far from my heart
you were always in my prayers

I'll miss you, Shannon on this earth
where we can no longer write, email or call
but i know you will be waiting with open arms
In Heaven to welcome me home.

I Love You!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Sunday in America

The sun comes up and it bathes a sleepy land in light
As people awake can they hear their Creator's sigh
Are they aware as they go about their plans
Of the most taken for granted privilege we have in this land
We have be granted the freedom to do as we wish
But we often overlook the freedom of God's precious gift
Today our pews are empty the worshippers are few
The Lord has promised He'll be there - - how about you
Have we forgotten that awful day in September 2001
When America fell down on her knees before the True One
Oh, how our churches saw a crowd at that time
But what will the crowds be doing this Sunday night
Be careful what you do on the Sabbath day
Keep it holy and set aside from work and from play
May we get back on track and fill up the pews
Always waiting for God to say "Well,done, I'm proud of You"

An Uncrushable Spirit

For generations a small white church has stood
With its cross raised to the sky
A symbol of refuge, peace and hope
To all who may pass by
But then one fall day
Satan stopped and thought a minute
He said to himself "I'll send four storms
To crush that church's spirit"
One by one the hurricanes came
They blew with might and fury
Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne
Names that caused central Florida to worry
When the storms had passed it at last was time
To see the damage they had done
With destroyed homes and trees torn down
Satan thought that he had won
He celebrated as he looked out at the little church
And add the damage he could see
And with an evil laugh he mocked the church

A Few Days Later

The week began with a cheering crowd
"Blessed is the King" their joyful cry
A few days later the mood was changed
Their angry yells of crucify
On Sunday He had rode a colt
Triumphantly through the town
A few days later soldiers goaded Him on
He was beaten and broken down
The week began with loyal friends
Who followed wherever He'd go
A few days later He had been betrayed
And denied before the cock could crow
The week that started out so great
Turned bad as their Teacher died
But the sadness would soon be gone
When as their Savior He would rise.


Worthy of all honor and praise
Our anthem of love we raise
Reverently on bended knee
Seeking time alone with Thee
Humbly only You we serve
In action, deed, thought and word
Praise God in Heaven above & Jesus, Your only Son.

May 21, 2006

From Anticipation He Appears

They waited in anticipation
A sense of urgency in the air
For the prophets words to be fulfilled
For the Messiah to appear

Then one night the angels sang
A star lit up the night sky
A baby had been born in Bethlehem
The Messiah had arrived

Years passed by and once again
The air is filled with urgency and grief
The peple huddled in tears and prayer
They had crucified the King of Kings

The words He had spoken of coming again
Had been forgotten by loss and fear
Pure joy replaced the tears they shed
To see Jesus standing there

Again we wait for Him to come
To take us home with Him
To rescue us from all the pain and evil
In this world that Satan fills with sin

What peace and joy we will find
In Heaven for all eternity
Forever we will live with Him
Messiah, the Prince of Peace


Be An Ornament for Jesus

Obediently following His Commands
Radiantly shining with His Love
Nourished by His Precious Word
Adoring God and God alone
Marvelously created in His image
Exclaiming His Praise
Never alone always at His feet
Trusting in His Guidance and Care


I lift my voiceTo worship you,

O LordI lift my voice
For You are the one
Who gives my life joy
When the end I can't see
To You....I lift my voice

I lift my eyes
To seek your face, O Lord
I lift my eyes
As I meditate your Word
For You are the one
Who gives me a vision
Of what You would have of me
To You....I lift my eyes

I lift my hands
In praise to You, O Lord
I lift my hands
With the Bible as my sword
For You are the one
Who make my heart sing
A song created by the Great King
To You....I lift my hands

I give myself
In service to You, O Lord
I give myself
To obey Your holy Word
For You are the one
I'll happily serve
Until your return
To You....I give myself

Melissa Stokes
May 22, 2005