Thursday, July 23, 2009

Once Second Later

How many times in life
Do we find ourselves thankful
That we came along
Just one second later

A tragedy or catastrophe occurs
Where many lives are lost
Yet we are spared by coming along
Just one second later

Do we take for granted
The angels who our path delayed
So we could be spared to live on earth
If only for one more day

Yet every Sunday morning
In the churches of our world
People make a choice to not go forward
Waiting just one second more

Please my friend do not be
Like those who procrastinate
Accept the gift in Jesus Christ
Before it is too late

For one day a trumpet will sound
The skies will split wide open
Jesus will come back to earth
To take His Bride to Heaven

Then in that day if you've not asked
Jesus in your heart to reside
You'll find that you decided to wail
The saddest second of your life

I wrote this poem in August 2006. On Saturday 8/5/2006 a family was in an accident on I-4 near the Polk City exit. Two of their 3 children were killed in the accident. I had spent a few minutes talking to a friend in the parking lot after work. Had I not taken those seconds which are now so precious to me, I would more than likely have been involved in the accident.

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