Thursday, July 23, 2009

When I Saw You

I saw you as you went about your day
As you complete dall your many tasks
I saw you as you went to and fro
But did you see me I wanted to ask

I saw you as you took a stroll
Thru a garden of flowers kissed by dew
I marveled as I watched your face
That none of them were as beautiful as you

I watched you as you took some time
To talk to a little child
The gentle way you treated them
Made my heart with love to swell

I watched you as you sat alone
And watched the evening sky
So boldly painted by the seetting sun
Your face shone in its fading light

I watched you as I hung alone
Upon a wooden cross
I looked out thru the ages of time
Making sure your sould would not be lost

I watch you now from my Heavenly home
And wait by my Father's side
For the day when I shall hear Him say
My Son, go get your bride

I'll watch for you that glorious day
As I claim you as my Bride
I'll bring you back to the kingdom of God
And forever you'll be mine

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