Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Waiting on You

I wake up each morning
A list of things to do
But it's all just to fill a day
A day spent waiting for you

Waiting for the distant day
The day you walk into my life
Waiting for our life to begin
With you as my husband, me as your wife

I look at you and desperately want
to know you through and through
to know the very reasons why
You say what you say and do what you do

So for now I know to be content
To love you from afar
I know not to be frustrated
By just seeing you, just being where you are

I've taken the love I have for you
And placed in in God's hands
I need to wait on His timing
Waiting as patiently as I can

So, now I can only in prayer and love
Sit and wait for you
Wait for the time you will declare
That you've waited for me, too.

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