Monday, December 7, 2009

Personal Prayer

Lord, what do you see when you look at me?
Am I really being all You want me to be?
Do I give You the time I really should?
Am I ministering to every person I could?
Or do I let the world come crashing in?
And do I get consumed with the ways of me?
As I travel down the road of life
Through this world filled with trouble and strife
I want to be led by Your nail pierced hands
To boldly proclaim Your name and take a stand
I hope to be known as a child of the King
For people to cling to the message I bring
And then one day when my life is through
I'll forever live in Heaven with You!

A New Day

Darkness bathes the sleeping land
All is still withing the night
You lie enveloped in the land of dreams
Not one thought of daily life

Suddenly a light breaks thru
The sky is a glorious sight
Blue, orange, pink and white
A new day dawns for you

A new day is a brand new chance
To be as salt and light
To bear your cross and go forth
As a messenger of Christ

What will you do with this gift you've been given
This gift to go and serve?
Will you go to seek those lost in sin
With the message of His word?

Darkness creeps across the land
Bringing this day to an end
You pray thanking God for all He's done
Then sleep 'til it's a new day once again.