Monday, January 12, 2009

friend quote

I found this quote on Scrapblog today and loved it so much I had to write it down...
A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I love these lyrics

The choir sang a song this morning that just really spoke to me...I was very happy to find it was by Darlene Zschech...the song is Jesus What a Beautiful Name and the lyrics are
Jesus, what a beautiful nameSon of God, Son of ManLamb that was slainJoy and place, strength and hopeGrace that blow all fear awayJesus, what a beautiful nameJesus, what a beautiful nameTruth revealed, my future sealedHealed my painLove and freedom, life and warmthGrace that blows all fear awayJesus, what a beautiful nameJesus, what a beautiful nameRescued my soul, my stromgholdLifts me from shameForgiveness, security, power and loveGrace that blows all fear awayJesus, what a beautiful name


I love going to church. Today has been so awesome in God speaking to me....1st I was watching Ed Young on tv while getting ready and he was speaking to singles on I Cor 7 the very same passage I was led to in my devotion time on Friday. Then the pastor spoke this morning on going from the mountain top to the valley and being used in ministry in the church and ministering to youth...the very thing Craig and I discussed on the phone. Ok so I guess all I need to do is say I'm listening...keep speaking....

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Sister Chick Friend

I thank the Lord above
for placing us in His plan
The events that brought us together
were ordained by His hand

You were one of those people
Who always left their mark
upon the lives of all you met
you were special in their hearts

Although we lost touch along the way
separated by time, miles and years
you were never far from my heart
you were always in my prayers

I'll miss you, Shannon on this earth
where we can no longer write, email or call
but i know you will be waiting with open arms
In Heaven to welcome me home.

I Love You!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Sunday in America

The sun comes up and it bathes a sleepy land in light
As people awake can they hear their Creator's sigh
Are they aware as they go about their plans
Of the most taken for granted privilege we have in this land
We have be granted the freedom to do as we wish
But we often overlook the freedom of God's precious gift
Today our pews are empty the worshippers are few
The Lord has promised He'll be there - - how about you
Have we forgotten that awful day in September 2001
When America fell down on her knees before the True One
Oh, how our churches saw a crowd at that time
But what will the crowds be doing this Sunday night
Be careful what you do on the Sabbath day
Keep it holy and set aside from work and from play
May we get back on track and fill up the pews
Always waiting for God to say "Well,done, I'm proud of You"

An Uncrushable Spirit

For generations a small white church has stood
With its cross raised to the sky
A symbol of refuge, peace and hope
To all who may pass by
But then one fall day
Satan stopped and thought a minute
He said to himself "I'll send four storms
To crush that church's spirit"
One by one the hurricanes came
They blew with might and fury
Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne
Names that caused central Florida to worry
When the storms had passed it at last was time
To see the damage they had done
With destroyed homes and trees torn down
Satan thought that he had won
He celebrated as he looked out at the little church
And add the damage he could see
And with an evil laugh he mocked the church

A Few Days Later

The week began with a cheering crowd
"Blessed is the King" their joyful cry
A few days later the mood was changed
Their angry yells of crucify
On Sunday He had rode a colt
Triumphantly through the town
A few days later soldiers goaded Him on
He was beaten and broken down
The week began with loyal friends
Who followed wherever He'd go
A few days later He had been betrayed
And denied before the cock could crow
The week that started out so great
Turned bad as their Teacher died
But the sadness would soon be gone
When as their Savior He would rise.


Worthy of all honor and praise
Our anthem of love we raise
Reverently on bended knee
Seeking time alone with Thee
Humbly only You we serve
In action, deed, thought and word
Praise God in Heaven above & Jesus, Your only Son.

May 21, 2006

From Anticipation He Appears

They waited in anticipation
A sense of urgency in the air
For the prophets words to be fulfilled
For the Messiah to appear

Then one night the angels sang
A star lit up the night sky
A baby had been born in Bethlehem
The Messiah had arrived

Years passed by and once again
The air is filled with urgency and grief
The peple huddled in tears and prayer
They had crucified the King of Kings

The words He had spoken of coming again
Had been forgotten by loss and fear
Pure joy replaced the tears they shed
To see Jesus standing there

Again we wait for Him to come
To take us home with Him
To rescue us from all the pain and evil
In this world that Satan fills with sin

What peace and joy we will find
In Heaven for all eternity
Forever we will live with Him
Messiah, the Prince of Peace


Be An Ornament for Jesus

Obediently following His Commands
Radiantly shining with His Love
Nourished by His Precious Word
Adoring God and God alone
Marvelously created in His image
Exclaiming His Praise
Never alone always at His feet
Trusting in His Guidance and Care


I lift my voiceTo worship you,

O LordI lift my voice
For You are the one
Who gives my life joy
When the end I can't see
To You....I lift my voice

I lift my eyes
To seek your face, O Lord
I lift my eyes
As I meditate your Word
For You are the one
Who gives me a vision
Of what You would have of me
To You....I lift my eyes

I lift my hands
In praise to You, O Lord
I lift my hands
With the Bible as my sword
For You are the one
Who make my heart sing
A song created by the Great King
To You....I lift my hands

I give myself
In service to You, O Lord
I give myself
To obey Your holy Word
For You are the one
I'll happily serve
Until your return
To You....I give myself

Melissa Stokes
May 22, 2005