Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Sunday in America

The sun comes up and it bathes a sleepy land in light
As people awake can they hear their Creator's sigh
Are they aware as they go about their plans
Of the most taken for granted privilege we have in this land
We have be granted the freedom to do as we wish
But we often overlook the freedom of God's precious gift
Today our pews are empty the worshippers are few
The Lord has promised He'll be there - - how about you
Have we forgotten that awful day in September 2001
When America fell down on her knees before the True One
Oh, how our churches saw a crowd at that time
But what will the crowds be doing this Sunday night
Be careful what you do on the Sabbath day
Keep it holy and set aside from work and from play
May we get back on track and fill up the pews
Always waiting for God to say "Well,done, I'm proud of You"

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