Thursday, January 8, 2009

From Anticipation He Appears

They waited in anticipation
A sense of urgency in the air
For the prophets words to be fulfilled
For the Messiah to appear

Then one night the angels sang
A star lit up the night sky
A baby had been born in Bethlehem
The Messiah had arrived

Years passed by and once again
The air is filled with urgency and grief
The peple huddled in tears and prayer
They had crucified the King of Kings

The words He had spoken of coming again
Had been forgotten by loss and fear
Pure joy replaced the tears they shed
To see Jesus standing there

Again we wait for Him to come
To take us home with Him
To rescue us from all the pain and evil
In this world that Satan fills with sin

What peace and joy we will find
In Heaven for all eternity
Forever we will live with Him
Messiah, the Prince of Peace


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