Friday, May 20, 2011

The Touch

Sometimes you can barely feel it
The touch from Heaven above
A stirring down deep inside you
A loving, gentle nudge

Other times you can't escape it
It's upon you both day and night
The hand of reproof upon your shoulder
Guiding from wrong towards right

This touch of God upon your life
Is a marvelous, wonderful thing
It's there upon all God's children
Discipline, love & comfort to bring

It guides you to salvation
Gives comfort when you are sad
And the love you feel from this touch
Is the greatest you'll ever have

Can you feel his touch this day
Is his hand touching you
Accept his gift of amazing grace
Try & see all He will do

VBS - Our Very Best Service

It's not just for kids
this VBS thing
for no matter what your age
joy it will bring

our very best service
to Jesus Christ our King
is commanded of all of us
in Galations 5:13

you may say you're too old
for vacation Bible school
but age is never a factor
when God gives the tools

now is the time
to kneel down and pray
Lord, what part in our vbs
would YOU have me play?

for it's not just the fun & games
or the little songs we sing
VBS is the very best service
to God that we can bring.

Waiting for you

I am waiting
Hoping & Praying
For an answer to my
Earnest pleas
You, O Lord God
are the only one
who can give
that answer to me
will you answer me
what will your answer be

we say Thanks!

to the patriot soldier who stood his ground
to gain freedom from a distant king
to the union & confederate armies
who fought over the end of a way of living
to the brave me who fought the french, spanish & indians
and charged up san juan hill
we say Thanks!

to the me and women who fought in europe in 2 world wars
to end a dictator's reign
and to those laid to rest in hawaii's pearl harbor
when the japanese attacked that day
to the air force, army, navy and marines
who fought on the Korean soil
we say Thanks!

to the veterans of our most recent wars
the forgotten souls who from vietman came back
the young men and women who went to kuwait
fighting for their freedom from iraq
we say Thanks!

to the ones who even now continue to fight
to keep america free today
to the families that are left behind
we have only one thing to say
we say Thanks!

The Simplicity of the Flag

Just simple strips of cloth
Sewn together with care
Yet through out the coming ages
This flag brave men will bear

Three simple primary colors
Just red, white and blue
Blend together to form our Grand Old Flag
And mean so much to me and you

Red is for the bloold men shed
To make our nation free
It also stands for the blood of Christ
Shed for us on Calvary

Blue is for the loyalty of all those
Who strive to help our freedom remain today
But don't forget the cleansing water
When baptism washes our sins away

White the purest of all colors
Signifying a pure unblemished new land
Reminds us how Christ's blood cleanses our life
So we can live one day in Heaven so grand

Thirteen simple stripes of white and red
To honor the founding fathers in the first colonies
They bring to mind the pain filled stripes
Beat in the back of Jesus, our King

Fifty stars of white - one for each United State
Nestled in a background made of blue
Show us if God cares for the stars
How much much his care for me and you

So, next time you stand to pledge the flag
With you hand upon your heart
Say "Thank You" to God for making a way
And unto you grace He did impart.


The Clean Slate

anticipaton runs thru the crowd
that has gathered there
the countdown begins from 10 to 1
as they welcome another brand new year

many wake up the next morning
with their resolutions made
a new year's begun and we all can start
life again with a clean slate

how will you deal with this brand new year
will you repeat the mistakes of the past?
will you focus on the temporal things
or on things that truely last?


Once again we find ourselves
at that magical time
when we gather once again
singing auld lang syne
lists are made by one and all
things you resolve to do
but how many list are forgotten
before january is through
before you begin to make your list
i have a suggestion for you
resolve to love God more fully
to let his light shine thru you
the new year lies before you
its opportunity untold
pray Lord let me take your word
make me courageous and bold
take the message of God's salvation
for everyone to hear
but most of all to serve you Lord
during this happy new year!


Pastor's Job

The pastor's job is to -
P ~ Proclaim the word of the Lord for all to hear
A ~Admonish sinners to repent & turn to God
S ~ Shepherd the flock God has placed in his care
T~ Teach the saints to follow the Lord
O ~Obey the commands of God
R~ Revere the Lord in all he says and does.

I'll Be

When a woman learns she will have a child she proudly states - I'll be a mother
As the child develops within her, she promises that child - I'll be your nurturer.
When you are born & come home with me - I'll be your caregiver.
As we play games, fly kites, blow bubbles & chase fireflies in the dark - I'll be your playmate.
As I help you with school projects & make things work as they should - I'll be your hero.
As I listen to your youthful secret crushes on the cutest boy or girl in class - I'll be your confidant.
As you learn about God & his saving grace - I'll be your spiritual guide.
As you grow into adulthood - I'll be your friend.
Then one day the now grown child will turn to their mother and say...
As you were - I'll be your nurturer, caregiver, companion, confidant, prayer warrior & friend.
But rest assure no matter how old I get, I'll always be your kid.

Hymns have a Part

I'm leaning on the everlasting
arms of Christ my King
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
that makes my soul to sing
What a friend we have Jesus
if in him we trust & obey
And when we all get to Heaven
O, what a happy day!

There was a time in days gone by
When a man would find his strength
To carry on from day to day
In the hymns his heart could sing
Now it seems the thing my friend
Is to leave the old hymns out
And we've lost the story they tell
and that's the saddest thing

The time has come in the church's life
for us to bring in the sheaves
Just as I am washed whiter than snow
Oh, I've been redeemed
In my life, Lord
come and have thine own way
for in the old rugged cross & the rock of ages
My faith has found a resting place

So the next time you find yourself
with a hymn upon your heart
don't think they are old fashioned & throw them out
Cause all hymns still have a part.

Fill this void, Lord ~ A Hymn of Singleness

Fill this void, Lord
Fill this empty part of me
pur in your love and amazing grace
until you are all I see
fill this void, Lord
as only you can do
take this hole within my heart
and fill it up with you

i walk around throughout my life
with a smile upon my face
i say and do the things i should
like an actor in a play
when i get home and all alone
my mask is torn away
i fall down on my knees
the only words that I can say

Fill this void, Lord
Fill this empty part of me
pur in your love and amazing grace
until you are all I see
fill this void, Lord
as only you can do
take this hole within my heart
and fill it up with you

my friend do you find yourself
living a life of pain
do you feel there's no way out
that you are playing a losing game
take this message to your heart
when faced with a test
God will fill your empty life
in Him you will find rest

Fill this void, Lord
Fill this empty part of me
pur in your love and amazing grace
until you are all I see
fill this void, Lord
as only you can do
take this hole within my heart
and fill it up with you

Fill this void, Lord
Fill this empty part of me
pur in your love and amazing grace
until you are all I see
fill this void, Lord
as only you can do
take this hole within my heart
and fill it up with you

Fill this void, Lord
Fill this void, Lord

Easy to Praise Him

It's so easy to praise the Lord on Sunday mornings when we are together in God's house with God's people. But do we find the time to sing His praise as we go throughout our daily life?
On Monday as we wake up & prepare to go to work do we grumble that another weekend is over or do we praise God that we've been given another week to spread His love & message.
When travelling to & fro & the other driver cuts you off, do you fuss & have a fit or do you praise God for not getting hit by that other car.
It's time we remember that the God who is so easy to praise on Sundays is just as easy to praise the other six days...could it be that we just don't want to or just don't take the effort.

Do We Remember?

Do we remember the reasons
the causes, the desires
the men and the women
who fanned freedom's fires?
the 1st century christians
meeting in secret rooms
fearing those on the outside
and the impending doom
the brave men and women
who sailed across the seas
as they answered the call
of freedom's loud ring
the patriot soldiers
at boston's port and bunker hill
standing against a king
to live by their own free will
the pioneers and the indians
fighting for the same thing
to live on their land
to give freedom wings
the north and the south
the yank and the reb
brother against brother
put freedom to the test
the list goes on and on as we remember era after era, acts of bravery in the name of freedom - the WWI soldiers, the Jews in the holocaust, the WWII men & women fighting back after Pearl Harbor's attack, Korea, the forgotten Vietnam vets, Operation Desert Storm, September 11th, those we've lost in iraq & afghanistan, the families, spouses, parents and children left at home...
America, do we rmember~~~~~~and do we say Thank you?!?

Carry Her Light ~ Ode to Lottie Moon

One December long ago
Was born an ordinary girl
Noone would've guessed this tiny child
Would one day change the world

As she grew she was known
By the pranks and tricks she played
But one day a change came forth
When her heart to Jesus she gave

The Lord placed upon her heart
A drawing need to go
To Tenghchow China as a missionary
His love for them to show

She gave all she had to those there
She gave her very life
What more perfect example of God's love
Could we ever find

Today we honor the memory
Of Charlotte "Lottie" Diggs Moon
With a yearly offering to fund
What our foreign missionaries do

Lottie Moon lit her candle in
China all those years ago
Will you give this Christmas to light yours
Send your candle forth to go

Carry her light and her message of
God, His Son & His Love
Until the day when face to face
We'll meet Lottie in Heaven above.

A Beginning Thru An Ending

thru tear stained eyes they watch
as their loved one slips away
from life upon this sinful earth
to the blessed land of eternal day
it's hard for them to let go
of this one they held so dear
althought they know their better off
they selfishly want them here
to humans death seems final
an ending not happy but sad
but this is only partially true
it depends upon the lifestyle you've had
if you've rejected the Son of God
and lived your life to please only self
you will live for all eternity
and ending that leads to Hell
but if you've accepted God's precious gift
your heart can joyfully sing
for when you breathe your final breath
it's not the end - it's the beginning.


Well Done, Welcome Home

at the end of this life
when we stand before his throne
the words we all long to hear
are "Well Done, Welcome Home"

well done, my precious child
for all you have done
the times you gave all you had
spreading the message of my love

you answered my call upon your heart
surrendered to me your life
then you went out in my son's name
bringing into darkness my grace & light

sure you had some days
when you felt the battle was lost
you didn't know if you could go on
if you could fully pay the cost

it was on these days i brought to mind
some soul i had you reach
some person now bound for glory
because of the message you had to bring

remember my child upon those days
when things aren't going right
when your body aches and you can't go on
total healing is in sight

i'm busy preparing a place for you
to live eternally
where you will struggle no longer
only worship at my feet

one day our lives will be over
our earthly bodies gone
we'll walk through gates of pearl
and hear "Well Done, Welcome Home"

Inspired by Dewayne and Sue Murrell, FBC Polk City, FL

What Kind of Love

What kind of love
can cause an ordinary man
to give up his job & life
to minister in a foreign land
what kind of love
will send a person under the knife
to give a part of themself
to save another's life
what kind of love
can open up two hearts
and lead those two to the altar where
they vow to never part
what kind of love
can stop a mother's flow of tears
when she's faced with the news
that her child's cry she'll never hear
what kind of love
could make you send your only son
to die upon a rugged cross
to save the souls of men to come
only the love that comes from God
can conquer anything
we can do the impossible
when our hearts to him we bring
what kind of love is this you say
that strenghtens, calms and cheers
it's a love that will never die
or fade throughout the years