Friday, May 20, 2011

Hymns have a Part

I'm leaning on the everlasting
arms of Christ my King
Amazing grace how sweet the sound
that makes my soul to sing
What a friend we have Jesus
if in him we trust & obey
And when we all get to Heaven
O, what a happy day!

There was a time in days gone by
When a man would find his strength
To carry on from day to day
In the hymns his heart could sing
Now it seems the thing my friend
Is to leave the old hymns out
And we've lost the story they tell
and that's the saddest thing

The time has come in the church's life
for us to bring in the sheaves
Just as I am washed whiter than snow
Oh, I've been redeemed
In my life, Lord
come and have thine own way
for in the old rugged cross & the rock of ages
My faith has found a resting place

So the next time you find yourself
with a hymn upon your heart
don't think they are old fashioned & throw them out
Cause all hymns still have a part.

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