Friday, May 20, 2011

Do We Remember?

Do we remember the reasons
the causes, the desires
the men and the women
who fanned freedom's fires?
the 1st century christians
meeting in secret rooms
fearing those on the outside
and the impending doom
the brave men and women
who sailed across the seas
as they answered the call
of freedom's loud ring
the patriot soldiers
at boston's port and bunker hill
standing against a king
to live by their own free will
the pioneers and the indians
fighting for the same thing
to live on their land
to give freedom wings
the north and the south
the yank and the reb
brother against brother
put freedom to the test
the list goes on and on as we remember era after era, acts of bravery in the name of freedom - the WWI soldiers, the Jews in the holocaust, the WWII men & women fighting back after Pearl Harbor's attack, Korea, the forgotten Vietnam vets, Operation Desert Storm, September 11th, those we've lost in iraq & afghanistan, the families, spouses, parents and children left at home...
America, do we rmember~~~~~~and do we say Thank you?!?

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