Friday, May 20, 2011

we say Thanks!

to the patriot soldier who stood his ground
to gain freedom from a distant king
to the union & confederate armies
who fought over the end of a way of living
to the brave me who fought the french, spanish & indians
and charged up san juan hill
we say Thanks!

to the me and women who fought in europe in 2 world wars
to end a dictator's reign
and to those laid to rest in hawaii's pearl harbor
when the japanese attacked that day
to the air force, army, navy and marines
who fought on the Korean soil
we say Thanks!

to the veterans of our most recent wars
the forgotten souls who from vietman came back
the young men and women who went to kuwait
fighting for their freedom from iraq
we say Thanks!

to the ones who even now continue to fight
to keep america free today
to the families that are left behind
we have only one thing to say
we say Thanks!

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