Friday, May 20, 2011

I'll Be

When a woman learns she will have a child she proudly states - I'll be a mother
As the child develops within her, she promises that child - I'll be your nurturer.
When you are born & come home with me - I'll be your caregiver.
As we play games, fly kites, blow bubbles & chase fireflies in the dark - I'll be your playmate.
As I help you with school projects & make things work as they should - I'll be your hero.
As I listen to your youthful secret crushes on the cutest boy or girl in class - I'll be your confidant.
As you learn about God & his saving grace - I'll be your spiritual guide.
As you grow into adulthood - I'll be your friend.
Then one day the now grown child will turn to their mother and say...
As you were - I'll be your nurturer, caregiver, companion, confidant, prayer warrior & friend.
But rest assure no matter how old I get, I'll always be your kid.

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