Friday, May 20, 2011

The Simplicity of the Flag

Just simple strips of cloth
Sewn together with care
Yet through out the coming ages
This flag brave men will bear

Three simple primary colors
Just red, white and blue
Blend together to form our Grand Old Flag
And mean so much to me and you

Red is for the bloold men shed
To make our nation free
It also stands for the blood of Christ
Shed for us on Calvary

Blue is for the loyalty of all those
Who strive to help our freedom remain today
But don't forget the cleansing water
When baptism washes our sins away

White the purest of all colors
Signifying a pure unblemished new land
Reminds us how Christ's blood cleanses our life
So we can live one day in Heaven so grand

Thirteen simple stripes of white and red
To honor the founding fathers in the first colonies
They bring to mind the pain filled stripes
Beat in the back of Jesus, our King

Fifty stars of white - one for each United State
Nestled in a background made of blue
Show us if God cares for the stars
How much much his care for me and you

So, next time you stand to pledge the flag
With you hand upon your heart
Say "Thank You" to God for making a way
And unto you grace He did impart.


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