Friday, May 20, 2011

What Kind of Love

What kind of love
can cause an ordinary man
to give up his job & life
to minister in a foreign land
what kind of love
will send a person under the knife
to give a part of themself
to save another's life
what kind of love
can open up two hearts
and lead those two to the altar where
they vow to never part
what kind of love
can stop a mother's flow of tears
when she's faced with the news
that her child's cry she'll never hear
what kind of love
could make you send your only son
to die upon a rugged cross
to save the souls of men to come
only the love that comes from God
can conquer anything
we can do the impossible
when our hearts to him we bring
what kind of love is this you say
that strenghtens, calms and cheers
it's a love that will never die
or fade throughout the years

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