Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Precious Child -Ode to My Granny, Ollie Dona Ray Sizemore

O, precious child of mine
the one I held so dear
I've kept you in my arms
with love I've calmed your fears

I watched you as a child
As a mother and a wife
I never left your side
through the dark times in your life

Now you face the time
When life on earth will end
You will come here to the gates
I'll say "My Child Welcome In!"

Don't worry about the ones
Left on earth to live
The strength you possessed
In them will never end

The separation from those you love
will be but for a while
Then if like you they accepted my Grace
We'll welcome them home as our precious child

I wrote this on the Wednesday before my Granny Sizemore passed on friday in Feb 2008.

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