Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well Done, Welcome Home

At the end of this life
When we stand before His throne
The words we all long to hear are
"Well done, welcome Home!"

Well done, my precious child
For all you have done
The times you gave all you had
Spreading the message of my love

You answered My call upon your heart
Surrendered to Me your life
Then you went out in My Son's name
Bringing into darkness My Grace and Light

Sure you had some days
When you felt the battle was lost
You didn't know if you could go on
If you could pay the cost

It was on those days I brought to mind
Someone I had you to reach
Some soul that is bound for glory now
Because of the message you had to bring

Remember my child upon those days
When things aren't going right
When your body aches and you can't go on
Healing is in your sights

I'm busy preparing a place for you
To live eternally
Where you will struggle not one more time
As you worship at my feet

One day our lives will be over
Our earthly bodies gone
We'll walk through gates made of pearl
And hear "Well done! Welcome Home!"

Written in tribute to Dewayne and Sue Murrell - who although Dewayne has been in extremely bad health for 10+ years still faithfully serve God as part of the ministry team at FBC Polk City, FL.

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