Friday, May 22, 2009

Easter poem

Early on Sunday morning,
the women approached the tomb.
They had a task a job to do though
their hearts were filled with gloom.
As they got closer to the tomb,
they knew somthing just wasn't right.
Mary was sad at the thought
Roman soldiers had moved Him in the night.
She quickly ran to the secret room
His disciples she must alert
Peter and John upon hearing the news
Hurried back to the tomb with her.
They didn't really understand
What they saw in the empty tomb
All they knew and now believed
His teachings had come true.
Early Easter morning
As we prepare to approach the throne
May we have a spring in our step
And in our hearts a jubilant song
Rejoice, O Earth! Give thanks to God.
Spread the awesome news!
Jesus was born, crucified and died
And then rose for me and you!


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