Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Too Busy

Written September 24, 2006

When it comes to your Christian service
Are you too busy?
Do you fill your life with everyday things
Until you have not time left for Him?
When asked to teach a class
Or fill a church position
Do you find it easy to say no
Your plate is already too full?
If you do then think on this
What if Jesus had simply been too busy?
What if He had wanted to forgo Calvary
To continue His work on earth?
What if He had told God He just didn’t have the time
To be crucified for our sins?
What with all the miracles and teaching the people
He was just too busy to die.
The next time a task comes before you
Pause for a moment and then
Remember He wasn’t to busy to die for you
Will you be too busy to live for Him?

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