Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Gift to You

I wrote this December 2008

I was sitting here watching a rerun of 7th Heaven where Rev Camden passes and is led by his mother in law in choosing gifts for the family in Heaven. It got me thinking about how we spend so much time here on earth worrying about the material things...and how I have been so guilty this year of letting Satan take the joy away from me that is Christmas. Why should I let myself be depressed because I don't have a job or a husband or children to watch on Christmas morning or my own home? I have a security of eternal life - -I have faith in God - -I have the promise that no matter what comes my way God will take care of it and God will work it out to His glory and to my spiritual growth. So, I sit here pondering my life at this time and watching and realize the truth of the gifts on the show....and knowing that if I could I would love to give to all those special to me those same gifts. 1st the gift of time...we are so busy in today's world that so often we overlook the precious gift of time....my wish is that in the new year each of you [& me] will take the time to live the life that God would have us live...take that extra moment to let your family know what they mean to you...take the time to stop and just enjoy your children before there is no time...take the time to serve God to let others know who He is and all that He wants to do for them...2nd I give each of you an eraser - so many times we hold on to things in our past that we have no way of going back and changing...one of my favorite Bible verses talks about forgetting the past and looking to the future...when we tell someone to forgive and forget something often we need to tell them to allow God to forgive you and then you forget it because he already has so there is no sense in allowing the mistakes of our past to cloud the joy and vibrantness of our future...3rd you shall receive Courage -- courage to take that next step to step out on faith and allow God to do a miracle in your life...so many people wanted to know this year how I could with peace accept the severance package I was offered when I could have went into another department and continued working for an undetermined amount of time...I had the courage to face the unknown because I had the faith to do what God wanted me to do...I don't know what the new year holds for me but I know that God will give the courage to do what I need to do...Next I wish for you Purpose...each of us has a purpose in this life...so often however we wander along aimlessly not knowing what that purpose is...may God reveal to you your purpose and what His purpose in this life is for YOU!! Next I wish each of you dignity- dignity to hold your head high no matter what life throws at you - my wish for you is that you will value you and who you are and always act in a manner that is becoming to the person you are and the One who created you...along with dignity comes beauty - not so much a physical beauty but a beauty that comes from within a beauty that is give to you by God a beauty that is not something that makes you the perfect magazine cover but a beauty that shines from a beautifully forgiven blood washed heart~~ a beauty of actions deeds and self worth and when you combine dignity and beauty you will receive the gift of loyalty~~loyalty to yourself [remember Shakespeare - to thine own self be true], loyalty to others that allows you to stand up with your loved ones and friends in the face of adversity that allows you to be the one who laughs with them, crys with them and supports them thru thick and thin,,,but most of all a loyalty to God to be able to stand and look anyone in the eye no matter the cost and proclaim your love and faith in Christ...I could go on and on about things like respect and companionship and encouragement etc...but the greatest gift I wish for you is love ~~~love of your family and friends...love for yourself love for others love for life...and most definetly the love offered on Calvary...FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON THAT IF YOU BELIEVE IN HIM YOU WILL NOT DIE BUT WILL LIVE FOREVER [JOHN 3:16]...Have you ever wondered why God sent his son like he did to a stinky dirty cattle stall instead of sending him to a palace or place worthy of the King of all kings? He wants us all to experience his love and know that no matter who we are where we are from or what we have done in the past Jesus came to offer us hope peace joy love forgiveness and salvation....

Merry Christmas May God Bless you!!!!

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