Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Christmas Menagerie

Throughout our journey on this earth we see
Various menageries every day
Groups of people or objects life has placed together
Because of who or what they are or the role that they may play
Thousands of years ago
The most special menagerie was made
A collection of people and events
To pay a debt no man could pay
It starts with a prophet who lived in days of old
He often spoke of a coming Messiah
The promise of a coming Prince of Peace
The world’s Savior proclaimed Isaiah
Years passed by until late one night
And angel visited a virgin girl
With a message of hope and not of fear
He told Mary that she would soon
Bear the Savior of the world
Another visit late one night
To Joseph her betrothed
Gabriel assured him of the will of God
That this child would one day bear our cross
A census decree leads us all
to the town of Bethlehem
Where Joseph and Mary arrived to find
The was no room in the inn
It was in a stable filled with hay
That Jesus Christ was born
A star shone brightly overhead
Leading shepherds and Magi to worship the baby Lord.
This menagerie that was created on that holy night
When all the angels in heaven sang
Is just one small example of God’s great menagerie
Made of souls who shall reside in Heaven on day.

Melissa Stokes 11/27/05

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