Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The List

As little children we have all been told
About Santa and his list
It contains the names of good and bad
And not one child is missed.

Every child has one goal each year
To be listed on Santa’s good side
So they will find toys and not any coal
After his visit on Christmas Eve night

Do we find ourselves concerned with
Being on God’s list of names
The Lamb’s Book of Life, the list of those
Whom his sacrificial gift have claimed

This list is not a temporal one
It has no earthly rewards
But if your name is written there
You are a joint heir with the Lord

How do I get my name on this list?
You may one day ask of me
My answer is a simple on
Just trust Him and believe

Believe He came to this walk this earth
The first Christmas in Bethlehem
Then years later the crucified him on a cross
And then saw Him rise again

Accept these facts, believe in Him
And ask Him in your heart to abide
And one day when you stand before God
Your name will be found in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Melissa Stokes 11/30/2005

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