Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Very First Easter Basket

(by Melissa Stokes, 2004)

Today we see many different kinds of Easter baskets
Some are big, some are small
Pink ones, green ones, white ones, too
Some are plastic, some are straw.

They are all filled with special things,
Which are sure to bring some joy…
When found on Easter morning
By some little girl or boy.

But that first Easter basket
Was very different indeed
It didn’t hold candy, toys or eggs
But rather the King of Kings

It was made of earthen rock
Carved out of a mountainside
This place designed to house the dead
Gave all eternal life

So when you wake on Easter morn
And grab your eggs to hide
Think of that tomb that was burst open
And celebrate the risen Christ.

This is my 1st published poem that I entered into a contest on Poetry.com.

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