Friday, April 2, 2010

Judy & Aubrey Anniversary Poem

This poem was my 1st commissioned poem...a former hairdresser had me write it for her to present to her husband as an anniversary gift.

Who can say when our love began
Was it the first time we met
Was it when you first kissed my lips
Or that very first time you held my hand

I’ve often thought back to when I met you
A moment that forever changed my life
We didn’t know where this road would lead
But it was something we had to do

I’m so blessed to be your wife
So blessed with you as my man
I pray that we will have many more years
Together for all of our life

Aubrey, you have been my husband, my lover, my friend
For no less than 30 and no more than eternity
My love for you that began that fateful day
Is a love that will never end

Who can say when our love began
Was it over a game of pool
I’m just glad it walked in on cue
And together forever is my plan.

Love forever,

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