Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Thank You

There is a group in American society that I believe is seriously taken for granted. These Americans put their all on the line on a daily basis in the name of freedom. Do you know who they are? They are the many men and women serving in the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guards, and Reserves. They are the ones we see in those pictures sent in emails who are sleeping on the ground, the ones who dream at night of being at home with their families, the ones who leave behind wives, husbands, parents, children, other family members and friends to ensure that the freedom we have in America will continue. They are the ones who volunteer for this service. There is a pride among our military that they are the United States Military. So who are we as civilians to take that pride away by taking them for granted? This Memorial Day weekend I challenge all of you regardless of what your political leanings may be or how you feel about the war in Iraq to remember that each of the soldiers is still someone's family member. A tragedy occurred in America after the Vietnam conflict ... the American citizens forgot to Thank our military for their bravery and their service. If you could ask our Vietnam Vets what they would have liked to receive it would have been thanks for what they went and did. Let's not let another generation of American servicemen and women feel that let down by the very people who should be holding them up! Let's tell them thank you at every opportunity....and on this weekend of remembering....let's not forget that it isn't just about not going to work and cooking out or going to the beach or even getting drunk...let's remember that it is a day of reflection of all the men and women who have given their lives in service to our country...the brave patriots leading a revolution for a new way of life, the brave men who fought the French, Indians, Spaniards and English in molding a new nation, the men that fought in a nation torn one side for freedom of others and the other side to protect a way of life, the men and women who fought for peace and freedom in not one but 2 world wars, the soldiers who went to Korea in the name of freedom, the forgotten heroes of Vietnam, the men and women who fought for freedom from a monster named Sadaam Hussein in Desert Storm, and the men and women who have been fighting and are still serving our nation in Iraq. Let us also pause and remember the heroes of September 11th who woke up just normal people but died heroes at the hands of terroism. Maybe we should rename this day the national day of US Heroes...because I don't know about you but they are all heroes to me the ones who have served in the past and still serve, the ones who paid the ultimate price for my freedom, the ones who were injured and bear scars in the name of freedom, and the ones going to bed tonight on sandy groud, the one standing guard on a hill this very moment, and ones in basic training learning to be an American Sailor, Marine, Soldier or Airman - -these are the true American Heroes!!! Thank them, love them, appreciate them...but most of all Pray for them!!!! So to those close to my heart who have served, to Mike, Grandaddy, Chris, Bobby, Janelle, Lamar, Bud, and the others I say......


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