Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Perfect Man

I sat alone one night trying to come up with a list of qualities and traits I desire in the perfect man for me. As I listed each trait I realized that the perfect man was already in my life and was waiting for me to figure it out. For you see the perfect man for me you and everyone here has always been around we just tend to get so busy in our everyday lives and human worldly things that we overlook him. As a southern lady, you grow up with this image of the perfect Southern Gentlemen, perhaps brought on by watching (&/reading) Gone with the Wind one too many times. A Rhett Butler type… a little bit of a rogue but with a genuine honesty and love for life and those held closest his heart… with the capacity to love unconditionally and fiercely while always ready to take on anyone who would challenge the sincerity of his character. The type of man who treats you like a lady should be treated (… you know girls, the whole kit and caboodle of gentlemanly behavior… opens and shuts doors for you, holds out your chair, etc, etc, etc…) while he is fully appreciative of all you do for him. A guy who understands your need to talk to or see your mama at least every other day while at the same time can see why you may feel the same about his mama. A man who knows how to be the man in the relationship, who children and animals adore and become captivated by with a simple smile or wink. A man who appreciates the quirkiness that is being a girlie girl… who will be willing to go to the latest chic flick with you 'cause he knows you will go and sit for hours with him while he fishes, hunts, etc…The perfect lover who knows just what you need at the just the time you need it. Of course, for every girl there are those conditional qualities based upon of location, hobbies and interests…..for example while the GRITS girl is perfectly happy with a blue jean wearin', truck drivin', fishin', huntin', hound lovin' good 'ol country boy…..the girl from north of the Mason Dixon line or the quintessential Valley Girl would probably prefer someone different. Of course you have to throw in the things important to you like literature, music, the arts….. You know the amazing thing is that guy exists and no matter what you need , want or like he is that…I have been so overwhelmed by the realization that while I have been looking for the perfect man in human form, the most Perfect One has been here all along. Who else knows our thoughts, hopes, wishes, desires better than the one who gave them to us. Want someone good with children….who better than the one they flocked to, the one the little boy wanted to see so badly that he willingly gave his lunch to Him…Want someone who thinks you are beautiful no matter what….what about the one who created you in His image and when He had finished saw what He had made and found it pleasing in His sight. Do you desire a musician someone with whom you can make beautiful music? Why not try the one who gives the music,the one for whom the angels sing…..Or how about surrendering to the one who spoke the greatest love story ever told….You see my friend, I found that while trying to find a mate on earth, I have been negligent to see and stay true to my one True Love. The "Soul" Mate with whom I have everything in common. My knight in shining armor who gave His very life for me….And the one who is coming back for me to take me home to be His bride. And best of all He's the ultimate gentleman….for while He desires to be all of these things to each and everyone of us…you never have to fear Him for He won't press him self on you or force you to accept his gifts…for you see we are the ones to whom he says "behold, I stand at the door and knock"… will you open the door and allow him to be your best friend, your comforter, redeemer, savior, Lord, bridegroom and the Lover of Your soul. Please don't tarry for one day lest your chance for that perfect man's love be gone.

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