Friday, April 2, 2010

How a Father Becomes a Dad

Written: June 12, 2005
Fathers, you would be the best Dad
If you follow this simple plan
Model your life after the Father of all
Become known as a godly man
Acknowledge the authority of God
Placing Him as the head of your home
He’ll help the other things fall into place
And your worries will all be gone
Take your family to church each week
Twice on Sunday and Wednesday nights
Teaching your children to serve the Lord
So He will be their guide
Honor the vows you made the day
Their mother became your wife
This will show your sons what kind of man to be
When they find their bride.
Envelope your children in your arms
Showering them daily with love
This will help them to understand the verse in John
That simple starts “For God so loved…”
Reflect upon the happy times
Forgetting all the bad
And one day with pride he’ll say
He wasn’t just a father - -
He was my Dad!

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