Friday, April 2, 2010

A Visit to the Stable

Let’s take a trip in our minds
Back in the days of yore
To visit the stable in Bethlehem
Where Jesus Christ was born
It’s just an ordinary barn
Where cows and chickens lived
But became a nursery late that night
As there was no room in the inn
With walls of wood and a floor of dirt
Animals tethered all around
A cattle trough filled with hay
Was where the baby was found
It was just a simple building
For housing animals large and small
But on that night so long ago
It housed the Savior of us all
I’m grateful that the inn was full
And Mary slept in the stable that night
It set in motion a chain of events
That led to redemption for you and I
Let’s take a trip to visit
The stable in Bethlehem
And take the time to say “Thank You, God,
For sending a Savior to men.”


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