Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What If?

Have you ever sat back and thought about
Where we all would be
If there had been no Bethlehem
No birthday of the King?

What if when Joseph got to the inn
And walked up to the desk
There had been an empty room
And the innkeeper welcomed them as his guests.

Would shepherd have come to worship Him
If He hadn’t been born in a barn
What about the wise men three
Would they still have traveled far?

How about His ministry
As He walked upon this earth?
Would He still have gathered all the crowds
If He’d had an ordinary birth?

What if He had called for angels to come
And take Him down off the cross
Would this mean we would have no hope
And our souls forever would be lost?

But we don’t have to sit around
Wondering about what if??
We can read His word, trust His love
And receive His precious gift

A gift that will not fade away
Nor will it ever rust
A treasured gift of eternal life
Is yours when on Him you trust.
Melissa Stokes 12/11/05

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