Friday, April 2, 2010

Mother's Day Poem for Mom

Sometimes we take for granted
All our blessings from above
And overlook in our daily life
The things that grow from love

Years ago in a house
Was born a baby girl
She never got to be very big
But her hair was nothin’ but curls

She grew up in a busy house
With a sister and two brothers
The girl grew up got married one day
And then became my mother

I never fully appreciated
When I was growing up
All the things she did for me
And the fullness of her love

She went without so I could
Have material things
But never turned her back on me
When my actions caused her pain

She raised me up to love the Lord
And share in her faith
Yet daily prayed for my life
And for God to keep me safe

So as we come to this time of year
When we say “Thank You” to our mothers
I want to say I love you, Mom
You’re the best and I could never want another.

Happy Mother’s Day 2000
Melissa Beth Stokes

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