Saturday, June 8, 2013

At the End of the Day

At the End of the Day

by Melissa Stokes (Notes) on Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 7:09pm
At the end of the day
At the end of my rope
There is only one name
In which there is hope

When I feel so drained
And my strenght is all gone
I cling to the Rock
And with faith I hold on

The Lord is the only
One on whom I depend
He is my Savior,
My breath, life and friend

And some day soon
In the twinkle of an eye
He'll come to take me
To Heaven for all time.

Melissa Stokes 11/28/2009

I was inspired to write this after reading a friend's status.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Your Adam

Several years ago I wrote a poem called Your Eve that is on this blog....tonight I wrote the companion piece to it and hope to have them hanging side by side on the wall.

Your Adam
Melissa B Stokes, May 7, 2013

I'll be the Adam to your Eve
The one by your side
The one to cherish  you
For the rest of your life

I'll be the head of our home
as our family I’ll lead
The one there to hold you
When it's comfort you need

We can look past the sadness
and failure in the past
And together we will move on
with a love that will last

God brought us together
in His time and His way
He is making something special
That will give Him the praise.

From this moment forward
Until the end of time
I will be the true love of your life
And Melissa you'll be mine!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Touch

Sometimes you can barely feel it
The touch from Heaven above
A stirring down deep inside you
A loving, gentle nudge

Other times you can't escape it
It's upon you both day and night
The hand of reproof upon your shoulder
Guiding from wrong towards right

This touch of God upon your life
Is a marvelous, wonderful thing
It's there upon all God's children
Discipline, love & comfort to bring

It guides you to salvation
Gives comfort when you are sad
And the love you feel from this touch
Is the greatest you'll ever have

Can you feel his touch this day
Is his hand touching you
Accept his gift of amazing grace
Try & see all He will do

VBS - Our Very Best Service

It's not just for kids
this VBS thing
for no matter what your age
joy it will bring

our very best service
to Jesus Christ our King
is commanded of all of us
in Galations 5:13

you may say you're too old
for vacation Bible school
but age is never a factor
when God gives the tools

now is the time
to kneel down and pray
Lord, what part in our vbs
would YOU have me play?

for it's not just the fun & games
or the little songs we sing
VBS is the very best service
to God that we can bring.

Waiting for you

I am waiting
Hoping & Praying
For an answer to my
Earnest pleas
You, O Lord God
are the only one
who can give
that answer to me
will you answer me
what will your answer be

we say Thanks!

to the patriot soldier who stood his ground
to gain freedom from a distant king
to the union & confederate armies
who fought over the end of a way of living
to the brave me who fought the french, spanish & indians
and charged up san juan hill
we say Thanks!

to the me and women who fought in europe in 2 world wars
to end a dictator's reign
and to those laid to rest in hawaii's pearl harbor
when the japanese attacked that day
to the air force, army, navy and marines
who fought on the Korean soil
we say Thanks!

to the veterans of our most recent wars
the forgotten souls who from vietman came back
the young men and women who went to kuwait
fighting for their freedom from iraq
we say Thanks!

to the ones who even now continue to fight
to keep america free today
to the families that are left behind
we have only one thing to say
we say Thanks!

The Simplicity of the Flag

Just simple strips of cloth
Sewn together with care
Yet through out the coming ages
This flag brave men will bear

Three simple primary colors
Just red, white and blue
Blend together to form our Grand Old Flag
And mean so much to me and you

Red is for the bloold men shed
To make our nation free
It also stands for the blood of Christ
Shed for us on Calvary

Blue is for the loyalty of all those
Who strive to help our freedom remain today
But don't forget the cleansing water
When baptism washes our sins away

White the purest of all colors
Signifying a pure unblemished new land
Reminds us how Christ's blood cleanses our life
So we can live one day in Heaven so grand

Thirteen simple stripes of white and red
To honor the founding fathers in the first colonies
They bring to mind the pain filled stripes
Beat in the back of Jesus, our King

Fifty stars of white - one for each United State
Nestled in a background made of blue
Show us if God cares for the stars
How much much his care for me and you

So, next time you stand to pledge the flag
With you hand upon your heart
Say "Thank You" to God for making a way
And unto you grace He did impart.